When you join Chicago Referral Network, you are joining a networking group of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs that act as a referral source for your business. Our group works hard to ensure the success of every member in our Chapter.

Check out our Member Directory to learn more about the members. We also encourage you to reach out with the leadership team members and join us for a meeting to find the best fit for your organization.

We meet on Thursday mornings at 7:30am CST via Zoom. Meetings last one hour with time before and after for networking.

President – Kevin Bruning
Vice President – Kristine Ruhl
Treasurer – Vacant
Board Secretary – Vacant

The CRN is in partnership with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce (CCC).  As part of this relationship, members of the CCC can also become members of CRN, which will provide further opportunities for members to grow their referral sources. In order to qualify for membership with CRN, you must be a member in good standing with the CCC. Learn more about Chamber Benefits and apply to become a Chamber Member.